Jerry Mastrangelo, Owner
Planet Fitness

I have had experiences with other barter companies and what I can tell you is by far Barter Network provides the best service. We have literally saved tens of thousands of dollars by taking advantage of all the services that are offered through barter.

Andy Adames, Restaurant Owner
Senor Pancho's (3 locations) & Ceviche Latin Kitchen

Barter has really helped me to develop new clientele. It's a great way to fill seats on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.

Al LaPorta, Owner
Discount Office Solutions

We picked up a new client, Stamford Marriott, we'd never done business with them in the past and they became a brand new customer of ours through barter.

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Mellessia Wright, Owner
A Wright Tax & Accounting Services

Your overhead is fixed. You might have a little extra time and you use that to barter services in exchange for other goods or services. Barter really made a big difference.

Gerry Barker, Owner
Barker Specialty

Actually, we enjoy the people who are involved in the Barter Network community. I think the company does a great job vetting their people who are involved. Strategically barter does fit into our business, particularly in cases where we might have excess inventory.

Bill DeRosa, Owner
Talking Finger,social media marketing

Barter Network also allows me to enjoy life in general. We go on vacations, entertainment, restaurants. We love it because it's things that we can do every night and every day that we normally wouldn't be able to do cash.

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Bethany Mountain Lawncare

Bartering has allowed us to pick up new customers within our market and open up new areas for our business. Spending on advertising and business related expenses has also helped conserve cash, a major benefit of trading for us.
Mark Kehlenbach, Owner
Bethany Mountain Lawncare

Motor Vehicle Network

We use our barter wisely, and BNI has given my company the ability to trade for most of our business expenses. From marketing materials to office equipment to hotel rooms for travel, bartering has helped us to grow our business and reduce our expenses.
Scott Savage, Vice President and G.M.
Motor Vehicle Network

New England Flooring Supply Company

My company had some excess flooring inventory that wasn't producing any revenue for us. BNI helped us sell that excess inventory through their barter exchange at fair retail pricing. I was able to spend my trade dollars on the goods and services that my company uses, helping me to conserve cash, a true Win-Win! We continue to use BNI for our spending needs.
Keith Hemstock, Owner
New England Flooring Supply Company

A-Z Landscaping

The staff at BNI is the most experience staff that I have worked with in barter. They continue to bring new members into their barter network, which gives my business new opportunities for trading. Helping my business grow while saving me cash is what BNI is all about.
Craig Gannon, Owner
A-Z Landscaping

Saybrook Point Inn & Spa

We are always looking for new ways to grow our business. Barter has given us the ability to fill our down time using our rooms and conference facilities to generate trade dollars. Spending those trade dollars on landscaping, advertising, staff uniforms, web design and other items has allowed us to conserve our cash. BNI has delivered on their promise to bring us new business and save us cash!

Saybrook Point Inn & Spa

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