How BNI Works


Selling into the BNI Network is easy!

Barter Network is responsible for helping to market the goods and or services that your business provides. Making a sale into the BNI Network is the same as making a credit card sale, the only difference is that you are accepting the BNI card as the form of payment.

We market our member businesses with many diverse and effective forms of marketing:

  • Word of Mouth: The most effective form of advertising your business. Our brokers are on the phones daily with our members. We promote your offerings to our members, finding out what their needs are, and helping to fill those needs.
  • On-Line Membership Directory: Your business is included in our on-line membership directory that is easily assessable via our web site.
  • Weekly Email Communications: On a daily and weekly basis, we promote our members offerings through our email communications program. We continue to deliver exciting new offerings as they become available. Always read your BNI emails.
  • In The News: When BNI makes headlines so do our members. BNI is a great source for thoughts, ideas and information regarding the positive nature of barter to all media outlets. The more we continue to educate the public, the greater the trading opportunities that will be available for our members.
  • When a member agrees to make a purchase with your business, you simply accept your new customer's BNI card as payment. The BNI dollars will immediately be transferred into your account for you to purchase from any other member.
  • Tax and tip where applicable are always paid to the seller in cash.
  • The seller will always process the purchase and authorization(s).


Members join BNI looking for new and incremental business while wanting to preserve their cash. BNI allows members to pay for their purchases using their goods and or services that they sell into the network. Based on your businesses profit margins, most businesses are purchasing at 50% below retail. Members want to purchase using their BNI trade dollars.

A Trade Dollar Spent is a Cash Dollar Saved!


Planet Fitness

Barter Network has brought new members into our health more

Bethany Mountain

Bartering has allowed us to pick up new customers within our more

Motor Vehicle Network

We use our barter wisely, and BNI has given my company the ability to trade more

New England Flooring

My company had some excess flooring inventory that wasn't producing any more

A-Z Landscaping

The staff at BNI is the most experienced staff that I have worked more

Saybrook Inn

We are always looking for new ways to grow our more

Maritime Aquarium at Norwalk

The Maritime Aquarium at Norwalk partnered with Barter Network to attract more

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