How it Works

Barter Network is a new sales channel for your goods and services. You sell your products at the same value as retail, but are paid in BNI trade dollars that you can then spend with other network partners.

This is a great way to build a budget for advertising, purchase goods and or services for your business, provide employee incentives, offer medical, eye care and dental services to your employees, or even enjoy a family vacation you could not afford otherwise.

Barter Network members are simply agreeing to accept an additional form of currency for payment. Members are free to purchase any product or service within the BNI network — they do not have to accept each other's merchandise directly.

Our team of brokers act as sales and purchasing agents, helping our members sell their goods and services and then make purchases through the BNI exchange using BNI trade dollars.

We also act on behalf of our members as a third party record keeper. Each member gets a monthly statement of their trade account, similar to a bank or credit card statement. At the end of the year, we provide our members with a 1099B tax statement showing trade activity during the calendar year. All business related purchases are tax deductible by law, check with your accountant or tax advisor for details.

All transactions are recorded and governed by our BNI Terms and Conditions and by the rules and regulations of the IRS.


Planet Fitness

Barter Network has brought new members into our health more

Bethany Mountain

Bartering has allowed us to pick up new customers within our more

Motor Vehicle Network

We use our barter wisely, and BNI has given my company the ability to trade more

New England Flooring

My company had some excess flooring inventory that wasn't producing any more

A-Z Landscaping

The staff at BNI is the most experienced staff that I have worked more

Saybrook Inn

We are always looking for new ways to grow our more

Maritime Aquarium at Norwalk

The Maritime Aquarium at Norwalk partnered with Barter Network to attract more

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